Honda's moto engines have been developed into the premier moto shifter kart engine. Starting with the popular Stock Honda all the way up to the modified CR125, CR250 & CR80, shifter kart engines. With many different shifter kart engines to choose from, Honda is an excellent choice for a  shifter kart engine. Whether your just starting out or your a seasoned racer, Honda's moto engines are where competition and budget meet.

Stock Honda Shifter Kart Engine

TM Moto

Popular during the height of shifter karts, the TM Moto was one of the best options for a moto shifter kart engine. The TM Moto was one of the only shifter kart engines that was very competitive against the Honda CR125. It was one of the only engines that lasted past the initial start of shifter karts. The TM Moto has become very rare these days but is still considered one of the best moto shifter kart engines. Many people still support these engines and are still available from TM. The TM moto may be seen as an ancient shifter kart engine but is an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a shifter kart.

TM Moto Shifter Kart Engine

Other Moto Engines

Everything from Kawasaki's to Yamaha's, their have been many great moto shifter kart engine in the history of shifter karts. Being less popular than other shifter kart engines, they are rare but can be a great way to have fun at the track. These shifter kart engines where popular when shifter karts first made it to the karting seen, with many options, only the strongest and most popular of them survived. Even though these engines are no where near as popular as other shifter kart engines these days, its still a great way to get into shifter karts.

Honda CR250 Shifter Kart